We've seen tapes stored in office drawers, right next to the tape drive, or even in the back seat of the office manager's car. It's a "penny wise, pound foolish" approach. Think your business won't be affected by a system failure? Do your customers know your business is being managed by “hope the backup worked” thinking? Natural and man made disasters are not predictable, but they are inevitable. Critical data loss can result from a variety of causes including human error, computer virus, hardware or software system failure, power disruption, fire or natural disaster. Imagine losing your organization's priceless server data - customer records, financial systems, business documents, e-mail system. Where would your business be if you lost any one of these? Most are out of business.

Are you tempted to save time by skimping on your backups? Many companies only back up their data to onsite storage. This leaves a large window of vulnerability where critical data can be lost. Use the form to the right, or call us today to talk to one of our Vault specialists today!

Vision One Vault offers:
  • Remote Off Site Backup
  • Backup Technology Audits and Testing
  • Military-grade encryption
  • 24x7 monitoring

Research shows that most small businesses spend money on tape-based backup, only to discover the tape was defective or the process was incomplete, when they need to restore. Traditional backup is labor intensive, costly and does not fit the parameters of a small business environment. Despite these challenges, small to medium businesses need to commit to protecting their data. It can be a matter of life or death for your business!

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