Network Security

Vision One IT Consulting knows that in this age of rapidly changing technology, the danger of unauthorized access to your network is a constant one. New security threats materialize overnight, and traditional firewalls can allow gaps in your perimeter defenses that leave your network exposed or unprotected, opening the door to invasions from unknown assailants. Even if your business does not have what you might consider to be “valuable” information for spy bots to pry at and steal or destroy, an easy target is what most novice hackers and “script kiddies” look for first and use these as training grounds to add another notch to their expertise and credibility in the hacker community.

Vision One Network Security Focus:
  • Remote Encrypted Access
  • Malware (AV/Spyware, Mail Spam) Protection
  • Web Hosted DMZ Design
  • SSL Certificates
  • Network Backbone VLan Segmentation
  • Wireless broadcast Key management

We've all heard stories about the person who lost hours or days of work because of a "lost" file, a hardware problem, or a virus attack. We feel sorry for them and even pity them.

YOUR SYSTEM MAY ALREADY BE INFECTED. A virus can remain dormant for days, weeks, or even years before it is activated. Just because you don't have problems now, does not mean you are safe.

A virus is a program just like any other software in your computer, but it is one you don't want and did not buy or install on your system. The virus program, once inside your computer system, has the unique capability of being able to replicate (copy) and install itself on other computer systems -- hence the term "virus".

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