Finally, your system is set up the way you want it Every PC, telephone, cable, patch panel - everything - is in place. At least for a while. But networks, just like businesses, change. Some departments expand; others shrink. People move from one office to another and more bandwidth is always needed. What was once a smooth-running network may become a little sluggish in some departments. Other departments may need a complete overhaul.

Modifications to data systems, peripherals, voice/telecommunications systems, video systems, and physical network infrastructure. Ongoing maintenance. Manage structured cabling system certification & warranty changes. Complete infrastructure and process documentation. Data, voice, and video installation, testing, and maintenance - both cabled and wireless. Product procurement and management.

Our IMAC suite of services includes:

  • New Installation / Construction
  • Tech Refresh
  • In-building moves on the same floor or between floors.
  • Site-to-site moves in an existing campus or city.
  • Site-to-site moves between cities and/or countries.
  • Just adding one or two workstations to an existing infrastructure at an existing location?
  • If your plans include a larger coordinated rollout consider our Deployment Services.
  • Needs to upgrade fiber type, CAT5 to CAT6
  • Change the NIC on your workstations
  • Configure VoIP handsets.

Whether it's one unit in one location or 3,000 pieces of equipment scattered in 30 locations worldwide, Vision One IT Consultings I.M.A.C. Service is ready to help.