Typically, small businesses do not have sufficient IT personnel to manage and support the infrastructure. Well-planned remote management capabilities make it feasible for small businesses to deploy a more functional IT environment that can be supported by Vision One. Our goal is to provide an infrastructure design that will enable Vision One to remotely manage and support IT infrastructure of multiple small businesses.

Small businesses face many constraints in administering, supporting, and monitoring their network infrastructure. These constraints include budgetary limitations, lack of qualified people, and the need to focus on the business instead of technology services that enable the business. Designing the environment to support remote management allows the business to run smoothly; this is because Vision One as a trusted partner can be granted access to monitor, remotely support, and remotely troubleshoot problems.

A remote management solution needs to provide organizations with proactive monitoring, predictive support and administration, and problem resolution from anywhere at anytime without the need for dedicated in-house information technology (IT) staff. The remote management solution for the Small

IT Solution can be implemented in multiple scenarios, including:
  • Branch offices of a large organization.
  • Small business offices, which may be supported remotely by Vision One.